My wedding packages start from $2299 with all images edited and supplied on USB. Please email me [email protected] to view all packages, album pricing and extras.

Because I LOVE what I do! Every client says how much my passion shows through in my work and there is nothing I won't do to get the shot, especially in regards to wedding photography. I'll climb or crawl where I need, to get the right angle, I'll even do backbends if I need to! I not only surprise my clients with my energy level for 7-12 hours photography, I often surprise myself!
I often get asked if I shoot with any other photographers but at this point, the answer is no. I am confident that I can capture as  much as two photographers, as I'm so fast paced and high energy. Often second shooters are hired last minute and don't match the quality of the primary photographer, so seeing as my business is "Jade Kearns Photography", I will always be the photographer you get on your special day, with consistent quality in images from start to finish. I've been referred to as the energizer bunny! Love the challenge of capturing it all myself.
I have every lens I need for any situation and back ups of back ups for my equipment in case any equipment unexpectedly stopped working. I carry three bodies with me for a wedding, so at easy access I have a wide angle lens, telephoto lens, macro lens and so on to get exact the photo I envision in my mind. 
The day prior to a wedding I spend cleaning all my equipment, learning names of the bridal party and families, checking all my gear is in working order, as well as the entire week prior charging up extra batteries and all my gadgets. Some people may think I'm over the top, but that's why you are paying a professional photographer, to guarantee we deliver on the images we promise and to capture those special memories that will last you your lifetime.
Well that's a little bit about me, I'm sure if you are viewing my website from a referral, that you will already know how passionate I am about exceeding your expectations as your photographer. I never lose that excitement of each and every booking I take, a new couple trusting me to capture the special moments on one of the biggest days in their lives. 
Please contact me if you would like to see a list of "what to ask your prospective wedding photographer". You only get married once, so it's important to know the right questions to ask so you can make an informed decision as to who is the right photographer for YOU.