Business Name - Jade Kearns Photography

ABN - 87 575 713 424

Plan completed by - Jade Kearns

Date reviewed - 7/2/2022


How I plan to do my part to keep you and your children safe - 

Working with such a large number of children, I have always had safety as a priority in my business. Now extra measures are in place to keep risk minimal and be able to continue capturing memories for your families. 



As per SA gov requirements, I am doubled vaccinated with a TGA approved Covid vaccine. 


Social distancing

All my photography is captured outdoors for both family and childcare sessions. 

Childcare rooms are now to be photographed one room at a time, with cleaning undertaken of equipment between rooms.

To stay Covid safe, all parents bringing children in specially for photo days are to take their children to the staff in the front office, who will bring them out to me. This eliminates any contact with adults outside of the organisation. If on a rare occasion a parent needs to be present (only at the request of the photographer), a mask must be worn at all times. 

Family sessions are always shot in an outdoor setting, never needing to be 1.5 metres or closer than the family members. Locations are selected in as quiet an area as possible so no other families come close to us during our sessions. 


Hygiene practises

Hand sanitising takes place on arrival and between change over to the next childcare room. I wear a mask on arrival to all centres and whilst entering to make my way through to the yards. Masks will not be worn during photo times so that children can hear what I am saying to them, as well as being able to see me smiling and responding to my facial cues. This is where social distancing and being outdoors will be of importance. 


Temperate checking & Covid testing

Before each shoot morning, I will monitor my own temperature. If this is high, I will undergo a RAT test to ensure I am negative. 

If required, I will follow SA Government advice on close contacts/isolation requirements and will get PCR tested if required to do so. I will reschedule a booking if I am unwell or if I am waiting on test results. 

My action plan will be adjusted as any government regulations come into place. Safety of highest importance so I can continue to capture memories of your children and you family.