Hello and welcome to Jade Kearns Photography. 

My earliest memory of my love for photography, was at 4 years old, taking a photo at the Christmas pageant from my Dad's shoulders. I proudly hung that blurry square photo in my cubby house for years. By age 11 I drew a picture saying "when I grow up, I want to be a photographer", which I have framed in my office. Here we are, 20 years since studying professional photography, with my own business and a love just as strong as the day I begun. 

I am a single Mum to this little fella, who is my world. I hung up my wedding gear 5 years ago and am now booked out annually with Childcare and Kindergarten's. This year I have cut back to part-time to transition my son into high school and a new area, so each client I currently have I have selected as my absolute favourites. I still get just as excited for every print delivery as the very first time. 

I still love my family sessions so much, especially with many of my clients having been with me for over 10 years. With 100% care, to make time to fit my family sessions in, these are held on a number of dates a year and are "mini sessions" with multiple families at the one location. This works well for everyone. I can fit in more sessions, families get photos at a reduced cost and children love the quick sessions because 20 minutes is plenty long enough to have fun and not realise you were even having a shoot. Let's be honest, the Dad's certainly love the ease and speed of the sessions too :) 

Covid has certainly changed the world we currently live in, so please be patient with any last minute changes my centres, suppliers or myself need to make. I'm known for my speed and passion, so please be kind if things are a little different in 2022.