I have always wanted to be a photographer and in my office I have a framed picture I drew when I was 11, saying "when I grow up, I want to be a photographer". I still remember the very first photo I took on my Dads film SLR camera when I was about 4 at the Christmas pageant. Out of focus and technically a terrible photo, but all these years later, I remember how proudly I hung that photo in my cubby house. My passion for photography grew from there.


This year I have had a big change with my business structure. I have decided to focus entirely on a small selection of Childcare centres and work just part-time during school hours and terms.  This enables me to do a great job for my handful of clients during those hours, then after hours, weekends and school holidays, I can be a the best single Mum possible to my amazing son. So if your children happen to go one of the few Childcares I do still photograph, I look forward to meeting you there! 


I aim to have Christmas holidays off with my son and in Term 1, 2017, I will be putting together a new website purely with my Childcare images for you to view. I really am so grateful for all the family and wedding clients I have had over the years and look forward to my new chapter of being solely a Childcare Photographer. 


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